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What is cross sticth?

What is cross stitch?

As we know, Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery that has been around for ages, and it is one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery to learn. Cross stitch is comprised of X-shaped stitches done on fabric with an even and open weave like Aida or linen. Designs can be traditional or modern or anywhere in between.

Our store provide Cross stitch projects sold as kits, which brings convenience to customers. You don't need to purchase fabric and thread separately, also there are many different patterns to choose from. On sale cross stitch kits have two types, one is Stamped Printed Cross Stitch (suitable for beginners and interested users), and the other is Counted Cross Stitch (suitable for a certain degree of familiarity with cross stitch)

Stamped Cross Stitch vs Counted Cross Stitch

Stamped Printed Cross Stitch

As shown in the figure below, the characteristic of Stamped Printed Cross Stitch lies in the Canvas. The canvas has the colorful position area of the corresponding design pattern and the mark of the corresponding embroidery thread, which can help us to locate when we sew the cross stitch and choose the embroidery thread that should be used in the corresponding position.

Note: The background color displayed on the canvas does not represent the color of the actual pattern. This color is only used for mark matching. Please refer to the color card color corresponding to the corresponding mark.In addition, after the printed cross stitch is finished, it needs to be washed to remove the background color of the canvas.(Such as the other picture,"03" real color is the corresponding thread color)

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Counted Cross Stitch

Counted Cross Stitch is more suitable for customers who have a certain degree of proficiency in cross stitch, and like to play and challenge more. Because the canvas of the counting cross stitch kit does not have the bottom color mark like the printed cross stitch. The user needs to count and confirm the center position according to the grid of the canvas and start sewing. But this also means that there is more room for maneuverability, and customers can play or design according to their own preferences.(Counted Cross Stitch not need to wash after finished.)

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