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What Means "Buy 4 Get 1 Free"?

This is a common promotion on our website, which applies to the products of the whole site. "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" means you need to add at least 5 items to the cart, the lowest price item will be free. The discount percentage of orders is greater than 25%, the benefit is that you can add different types of products to enjoy discount at the same time, not just the same product.

Difference between Counted and Stamped?

Stamped Printed Cross Stitch (suitable for beginners and interested users), and the other is Counted Cross Stitch (suitable for a certain degree of familiarity with cross stitch).

Difference between 14CT and 11CT?

Each has its own strengths, depending on where you want to hang it, if the space is large, you can use 11CT, because the embroidered canvas will be larger. Because the 11CT grid is larger, the embroidery does not make the eyes more tired than the 14CT. However, the embroidery effect of the 14CT cross stitch is more delicate than that of the 11CT, and it looks more like a painting, because it can be more Detail of a good display pattern

Does the company have other similar Cross Stitch sites?

No, our company only has this one cross stitch website(https://www.tapestrymarket.com/). If you see a website that sells the same products with us at a lower price in other website, it is a counterfeit, and the quality of our products is different. Thank you for your support.

Which Cross stitch kits for beginners?

We design easy pattern for small size or cross stitch crafts to beginners.

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Whats included in a Cross Stitch Kit?

The kit comes with a canvas, embroidery needles, and a embroidery thread set. Each color is designated to a number block and all you have to do is follow the number on the canvas and match thread number.

Who can do Cross Stitch Kits?

Cross Stitch kits are for all ages! They are a great way for people of all ages to enjoy the art of cross stitch. The kits come with everything you need to complete the diy work, and they are a great way to learn embroidery and having a fun pastime hobby.

How to turn photo into Cross Stitch?

You can turn any photo into Cross Stitch kit with our kits:CUSTOM FOR PHOTO

Click custom link & read details ----- upload your photo ----- choose right size ---- pay order

How about shipping time? Available countries?

We can ship worldwide. In stock products shipped in 48H. Normally 7-15 business days. If the order is pre-sale or customized products, the delivery may be in 15-20 business days.

Will the canvas wrinkle when i receive?

Since our products need to be transported for a certain period of time before they can be delivered to the customer's location, it is inevitable that a certain degree of wrinkles will occur. We have tried to improve the packaging to reduce this occurrence, but some wrinkles will still be there. The solution is to restore the flatness of the canvas with an iron or heavy objects after receipt

Bigger discount if I buy a lot? How to Wholesale?

Our website offers wholesale deals for customers who like our products, learn more click here:wholesale   

What to do if a package is lost or damaged in transit?

We will be responsible for any customers who purchase on our website. If the package is damaged, please contact us with a photo of the package, and we will verify the situation and refund the money;

if the package is lost, we will help contact the logistics company to inquire and further confirm that it is a refund or resend



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